4 Reasons Why A Pergola X Will Improve the Way You Live Your Life

4 Reasons Why A Pergola X Will Improve Your Life - blog image


Spending more time at home and wanting a change in scenery? Add a more luxurious aspect to your deck or backyard patio to get outside to utilize this area! Especially with the upcoming changing of seasons may give you more of a reason to not go outside, but with the new Pergola X, this will change everything!

The Pergola X offers you the option to open, close, pivot, and slide adjusting to your needs to block off sun at any angle you wish or allow more sun in to enjoy. With several added benefits to allow you to get outside in your backyard, balcony, deck, whatever it may be, with that luxurious look and feel, you will definitely want to get out more and use these areas.


Get Fresh Air with a Pergola X

1.  Getting Fresh Air

Getting daily fresh air has several different benefits to help improve your life and body. A few benefits would be giving you an extra boost of energy and mental focus, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, can improve your digestion, along with many other benefits. With the new Pergola X and the different models meeting your needs on which design you prefer; you will want to get outside and enjoy the weather more.

Is it a nice sunny day out, but you don’t have that necessary shade cover? The Pergola X blinds can be adjusted to the right angle to shield you from the sun! Looking to get some sun? It’s as simple as clicking a button to allow more sun through.


Shielding You From The Weather

2. Shielding You From The Weather 

With the upcoming seasons of fall and winter, this may limit you and your ability to use your patio. The Pergola X has thought ahead of this and installed a sensor to detect rain or snow and to automatically close the blinds to protect yourself and your furniture. With the blinds being weatherproof, this allows you to use your patio more during these seasons, whether that be for watching some football with friends and family or if you feel like grilling or using your outdoor kitchen.

If you are away and want to close or open the blinds on your own or before the rain comes in, StruXure has integrated an app that allows you to close and open the blinds even when you are away!


 Add A More Luxurious Look

3. Add A More Luxurious Look

The Pergola X adds a luxurious look and feel to your patio. With superior quality in the design and build along with state-of-the-art technology built in as well, the industry just got more innovative. Being able to add lighting, LED’s, a ceiling fan all to your new Pergola X, this will instantly upgrade your backyard to the ultimate staycation location!


Impress Your Guests With Your Luxurious Backyard Patio

4. Impress Your Guests with A Resort-Style Backyard Patio

With your new Pergola X’s, hosting will be a breeze! No matter what the weather is outside, your Pergola X will be able to adapt to the conditions. If it’s too sunny out, close up the blinds. Wanting some sun? Open the blinds up. Raining? Close the blinds all the way to stay dry underneath while you’re entertaining your guests!

With more free time and working from home more often, adding an additional location to work and change up the scenery – your underused backyard patio offers a great spot! Hosting more family parties, grilling with your friends while watching football, or just hanging out in the backyard that you worked so hard to enjoy will be that much more enjoyable.



5. Take It To The Next Level [Bonus!]

Your Pergola X will be a fantastic solution to expanding your outdoor living space as is. If you’re ready to take it to the next level by adding customization, there are plenty of options! 

A backyard is made even better with privacy. With the help of Phantom Screens, you can upgrade your Pergola X (and backyard) to include privacy screens. This will make your space feel not only more private but also more intimate and structured. If you’re interested in customization, just let us know when you give us a call!

Being the only Hudson Valley StruXure outdoor remodeler, we will bring the party to your backyard while you kick back, and just relax!

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