Deck Design and Remodeling Careers

three men in Orange County Deck Company branded shirts demoing an old deck for a rebuild

Start A Career In Deck Design and Remodeling

We’re hiring!  Starting a career in deck design and remodeling with Orange County Deck Company means working with not only a team of experts, but working with great people.  Our job is to make dreams come true.  Not every year is a pandemic, but the work we do is just as important even in normal times!  People should spend more time outside, we’re proud to make this dream come true every single day.  Interested to learn more?  Apply on this page!

Available Positions

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Current opportunities:

  • Carpenter
  • Foreman

Why Choose OCD

The construction industry is a constantly evolving and continuously growing industry.  Are you ready to join a face-paced industry with a fun team?

Company With Heart

We’re proud to give back whenever we can!  No matter if this means donating to the local humane society or regularly giving back to ASPCA, we know it’s our responsibility to serve our community.

Safety And Certifications

The most important aspect of a deck remodel is the safety of the family enjoying the space.  We use top materials and attend training regularly to make sure we are always providing the very best.

What Clients Say About Working With US


Chris… removed a decaying existing porch and replaced using modern low maintenance products. The project began on time and was completed when promised. The level of craftsmanship displayed in the finished product is truly reminiscent of a bygone era. Details in the trim and the quality of fit and finish is exemplary. I would certainly recommend Chris to others and would hire again for future needs.

Our Portfolio of Work

What kinds of projects would you be working on?  We’re happy to showcase our work every chance we get!  After all, we truly believe we’re helping to transform lives by building dream outdoorscapes into a reality!