Choosing the Right Decking Materials for All of Hudson Valley’s Seasons

The Hudson Valley experiences winter chill, summer humidity, and everything in between. When planning a deck, you need to make sure your choice of materials can hold up in all seasons.  Review our top picks for decking materials.


Still a popular choice, especially in the rural parts of the Hudson Valley. Wood complements the many historic homes in our area.  It is organic, renewable and can be stained or painted for a custom look. Not only does wood hold its value over time, it lasts well when you take care of it. Due to the wide availability of hardwoods at multiple price points, homeowners on tight budgets often opt for this decking material. We specialize in woodworking, and have created many beautiful wooden decks for our customers throughout the Hudson Valley.  

Synthetic (Composite & PVC)

A newer choice, composite is environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Composites like Timbertech contain a blend of wood and plastic, curb landfill waste and hold up better in rain and snow. While composites have a higher price tag, they lasts longer than wood and require much less maintenance. There are even some composites on the market these days that look almost like the real thing. If you’re retrofitting a historic home in Newburgh, it could be a convenient option! The most enduring and lowest maintenance option is PVC.  Azek for example, our preferred brand comes with a limited lifetime warranty (decking) including coverage on color fade for 30 years.

Concrete/Stone Pavers

Hardscaping is always an option when it comes to ground level decks. Whether you are interested in budget-friendly concrete pavers or want natural flagstone, there are many ways to customize the look and feel of your back deck. Stone is a natural material that holds up well over time, requires little maintenance, and can look as contemporary or historical as you wish. While pavers are pricey, they last over time and improve the value of your home. Any of these materials could work for your home. It’s ultimately a question of preference, budget, and personal style. To learn more about the costs associated with building or expanding a deck.  Schedule a consultation with a local construction company serving the Hudson Valley, contact Kehoe Kustom!  Building and remodeling decks, patios, porches, and outdoor spaces to meet your needs.  We will improve your home’s value and utility. We offer service throughout the Hudson Valley, including in Warwick, Goshen, Florida, Campbell Hall, Chester, Highland Mills, Harriman, Newburgh, Wappingers Falls, & Hopewell Junction! [activecampaign form=1]