Project Spotlight: From Maintenance Nightmare to Dream Outdoor Living Space

It started with a phone call inquiring about doing a basic deck remodel.  When Chris Kehoe arrived on site to learn more about the home layout, budget, and timeline for the homeowners, it became clear that there was far more to the story.

The family was looking for more than just a deck replacement.  They were looking to rebuild an outdoor living space that fit lifestyle.  There was so much more than what you can input into a contact form that they were considering when reaching out to Orange County Deck Co.  They were picturing their dream outdoor living space, which included:

  • an inviting pool area
  • stunning hardscape to separate spaces
  • a secure, maintenance-free second level deck to improve home flow
  • space under the deck that could double as hosting space with cover
  • beautiful landscaping to enjoy while they sipped their glass of wine at sunset

Here’s how our team took this homeowner’s outdoor living space dreams and turned them into a reality.

Designing A Deck And Backyard Transformation

When the homeowners first spoke with our team, they had originally set out with a budget based on updating only their deck.  As we talked more about their lifestyle and their hopes for the remodeled space, we came to the conclusion that with a little more budget they could get a lot more of their dream.

As the project began, it became clear that the homeowner was open to design ideas around more than just their deck.  We discussed what landscaping and updating the pool could cost, as well as defining more hosting spaces with hardscaping and fieldstone below the composite deck.

Selecting Deck and Outdoor Materials for A Dream Outdoor Living Space

While we were planning the design, we also discussed what the goal was for the longevity and maintenance levels for the deck.  Because the homeowner was looking to enjoy the space for several years with minimal maintenance or repair considerations, we agreed that a composite deck was the perfect option for the dream outdoor living space.

The homeowners selected Timbertech Azek English Walnut for their deck material.  The beautiful color lent itself perfectly to their home design, and the material was the perfect solution for a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Because the homesite was a newer construction, our team accounted for loose footing fill by using our helical pile technology to guarantee hold.  This led to our footings being 10′ deep in all locations to ensure safety and to prevent any and all settling over time.

The homeowner decided that the parties they envisioned hosting shouldn’t end just because the sun was setting.  They opted for low-voltage outdoor lighting to ensure well-lit pathways and stairways as well as to create beautiful effects throughout the landscaping.

Staying Transparent And Communicative About The Budget

Our team at Orange County Deck Co firmly believes that remodeling your dream outdoor living space should only add to your life – never detract.

With that goal in mind, we are always transparent and honest about the budget of a project.  No surprises, no nonsense.

We set out with a budget originally for a full deck replacement.  We worked closely with the homeowner to better understand their outdoor living goals so that we could provide a complete picture of what a final budget could look like for all of the pieces they wanted delivered rather than coordinating several different contractors and quotes.

Our team drafted up a master plan of what a full backyard remodel could look like with suggested upgrades.  The homeowner knew instantly that they were ready to go all in on the outdoor living space that they had been waiting for and dreaming of for years.  They opted for the full plan, and we got to work.

While the budget increased as the custom delivery increased, the homeowner knew they had made the right decision.  Orange County Deck Co facilitated the entire project, making their lives even easier as they watched the project progress.  And now, with the project nearly complete, the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about managing the project themselves or continuing researching and getting quotes.

All that’s left to do is to enjoy for years to come.

Are you ready to discover what the best fit is for you?  Download our outdoor living guide, and contact us to start discussing your dream outdoor living space here in the Hudson Valley!

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