Tips for Deck Safety Month 2019

Tips For Deck Safety Month 2019

Every year, the North American Deck and Railing Association declares May as “Deck Safety Month” to help prevent deck-related injuries. Once again, we at Kehoe Kustom are proud NADRA Deck Safety Month ambassadors. Here are some tips for deck safety month 2019 from the NADRA’s safety checklist:



Deck flashing is made of metal or plastic and acts as a barrier to keep moisture out of openings and sensitive areas. It’s usually installed where the deck and house connect. NADRA recommends making sure your deck’s flashing is secure and intact. If there are obvious signs of water leaking or damage, it should be replaced.

end to end view of deck

Split or decaying wood

The board where the house connects to the deck is called the ledger board, and the NDRA says it is a common source of deck failure. Check this and other boards to make sure there is no decay, whether from moisture or insect damage. The NDRA recommends using a tool, like an icepick or screwdriver to try to dig into the surface of the wood. If you can easily penetrate ¼ to ½ an inch, or break off a piece of the wood without splinters, that’s a red flag.

"If you can easily penetrate 1/4 to 1/2 an inch, or break off a piece of the wood without splinters, that's a red flag."

Heat sources

An important, but often overlooked, element of deck safety isn’t just the structure of the deck, but what you put on it. Many people have grills, fire pits, heaters, and other sources of fire or heat, but they must be used safely and properly. Make sure fire/heat sources are far away from flammable surfaces, or that your deck is protected by a non-flammable pad. The most recent National Fire Protection Association report there are an average of about 9,600 home grill fires a year, leading to an average of 10 deaths, 160 injuries and $118 million in property damage. One of the leading causes is leaving a grill too close to something that can catch fire. So keep your grill a safe distance from your home or garage (the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commision recommends at least 10 feet).

Cedar Deck in the Hudson Valley NY

Hire a professional

While homeowners can, and should, inspect their own decks using professionally recommended guidelines (like this checklist), you should also make have your deck properly inspected regularly by a professional. They can not only flag trouble areas, but make sure it keeps up with safety code changes.

We take safety seriously, and perform thorough deck inspections for homeowners. Contact us here to learn more, or set up yours! 

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