From Dream Deck to Enchanting Porch

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Project Brief

Deck First, Porch Now!

Our journey begins with a porch that was part of an exterior upgrade package. However, the world had other plans, and when the Pandemic hit, it was time to shift the focus to the deck. The summer of 2020 saw us deliver a deck that left our clients absolutely smitten. Oh, the joy of enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of a beautifully crafted deck!

As the pandemic unfolded and life shifted, our clients found solace in their new deck. And with this newfound clarity, the porch beckoned. The decision was made: it was time to bring the porch to life. Armed with inspiration and a thirst for enhancement, we delved into the world of porch makeovers, ready to craft a space that would captivate and delight.


A Porch for Peaceful Perching

Every porch has a personality, and this one was no different. With a porch swing in mind, we embarked on a quest to craft a space that wasn’t just an extension of the house but an extension of tranquility. For a family living on a peaceful road, the porch was more than a place to perch; it was a vantage point to watch the kids play and a sanctuary for quiet evenings with a glass of wine, a gentle swing, and a world of stars above.

Though the porch existed, it lacked that certain something. Inspired by the homeowner’s creative vision, we breathed life into the space by:

  • Introducing stone for depth and character
  • Adding a skirting under the floor frame for a polished look
  • Installing a paintable beadboard ceiling, a timeless choice
  • Ensuring harmony with the house’s aesthetic
  • Including the charm of a porch swing

With these touches, the porch transformed into a haven of style and comfort!

The build unfolded with a blend of expertise and creativity. Timbertech Maritime decking and Timbertech Premier Rail with black aluminum balusters set the stage, while Azek PVC trim added the finishing touches to columns, ceiling, and skirt. Tuscan Ridge cultured stone and Unilock paver walkway brought a touch of elegance to every step.

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A Porch for the Ages

With a heart full of pride and a porch that radiated charm, we unveiled a space that was more than wood, stone, and paint. It was a canvas for dreams, a sanctuary for tranquility, and a stage for life’s most cherished moments.

In the world of transformations, this porch makeover stands tall – a testament to the power of inspiration, the magic of craftsmanship, and the endless possibilities that come with reimagining outdoor spaces.

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