2021 Deck And Patio Trends We Love

2021 Deck Design Trends We Love

2020 was the year of the outdoor living space.  For you, it meant the year that enjoying your outdoor spaces took on a whole new appreciation.  For us, it meant making countless dreams come true!  No matter if these spaces were designed for cooking, hosting, relaxing, or partying, they all had one thing in common – the need to expand outward.

In 2021, we’re expecting to see a lot of the same design trends we experienced in 2020.  Here are a few of the main trends we expect to see in the coming months!

Shielding You From The Weather

Trend #1: Weather-Protected Outdoor Spaces

You’re hearing it here first!

Naturally, one of the biggest benefits of decks and patios is that you are outside.  One of the biggest downfalls is the same – you’re outside.  You’re exposed to the elements, which we have no control over.

In 2021, we expect to see a major push towards deck remodels and builds to include technology like the Pergola X.  Your outdoor space should work for you every single day – not just on perfectly warm and mildly cloudy days.  As the only StruXure Outdoors partner in New York, we’re here to serve you!

The Pergola X has a rain sensor that will automatically close its overhead protection so that you (and your outdoor space) are protected from any precipitation.

With the simple addition of a few accessories like heat lamps, a firepit, cozy blankets, or misting fans, your deck can be enjoyable year-round.  And with an investment in your continued happiness at home, who doesn’t want that?

2021 Deck Design Trends - Double Levels

Trend #2: Double the Level, Double the Fun

What’s the point of a raised deck if you’re not going to enjoy above AND below?

2021 will usher in the era of two-story gathering spaces in outdoor decking.  It just makes sense, especially for families with kids.  Your outdoor gathering spaces should work for anyone who wants to be outside, not just a couple of people at a time.

Picture being able to host a tailgate party for the whole block.  You may want the upper deck for the guys to break out their beers and grill.  The lower level is a perfectly shaded space for the ladies to gather and share quarantine survival tips over a bottle of bubbly rose.  Let the kids gather around a firepit or in the pool to get rid of some energy before the big game.

You’ll never look at your backyard the same.

2021 Deck Design Trends - Designed for Dusk

Trend #3: Designed for Dusk

The sun never sets on a great party.  In fact, the fun starts after dark.

Design your deck with safety at dusk in mind through thoughtful lighting and landscaping.  Well-lit paths and stairways are key to designing a safe outdoor space for evening gatherings.  We can also design hardscapes and landscaping around safe footing no matter the time of day or night.

2021 Deck Design Trends - Synthetic Decking

Trend #4: Less Maintenance, More Fun

There’s a lot to consider when building or remodeling your dream outdoor living space.  Safety and maintenance shouldn’t be one of them.  Leave that to the experts (us)!

We believe in safe tiny toes on our decks.  That’s one of the biggest reasons we recommend synthetic decking material.  Its safe, splinter-free, and very cost effective because of its low maintenance needs and long lifespan.

Wood ages and is very susceptible to the elements.  Even with a covered deck, wood is more prone to rot, bugs, and rust.  Synthetic decking requires minimal maintenance and upkeep, often as simple as a quick brooming after a storm.

Check out our full blog on the cost analysis of synthetic vs wood decks!  We partner with TimberTech to ensure that we are always providing the top materials for the highest quality and safest experience possible.  We’re also the only NADRA certified deck builder in the state of New York.

2021 Deck Design Trends - Accessorize

Trend #5: Accessories Bring the Fun

Are you looking to show off more of your design style and personality in your outdoor space?

Remodeling or building a deck is totally different than designing an indoor space.  There are fewer options, plain and simple.  But the easiest way to really showcase your style is through accessories!

In the summer, this means brightly colored pillows and fun, patterned towels.  It means loud, light-up speakers (check out some fun ones here).

In the winter, this means extensive Christmas light displays.  We could always use a little extra razzle dazzle in these New York winters!

Ready to discuss your 2021 deck or patio?  Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you!