Two-Story Deck with Fire Feature and TV

  • lower story with hardscaping for custom deck with ocdeckco logo on outdoor tv
  • outdoor fireplace with hardscaping
  • side view of stairs for two story custom deck and hardscaping
  • fire feature with custom hardscaping and fieldstone
  • second story custom deck with french doors and outdoor eating space

Project Brief

Where Friends and Families Come Together

What does nearly everyone have in common? An affinity for outdoor living spaces.

This two-story custom deck boasts a fireplace, outdoor television, grilling space, and plenty of room to host. But before the backyard makeover, it was a rickety deck that was dangerously rotting through. It wasn’t safe to host a single person, let alone entire gatherings to cook and gather together.


Safety First, Stunning Next

It all started with a rendering and a blueprint.

As all wonderful success stories begin, this homeowner called with a very specific set of concerns and goals. The most immediate question was regarding whether their standing deck structure would be safe enough to build around instead of starting over from the beginning. Unfortunately, the answer was a resounding NO.

Little known deck-building fact – even the tiniest amount of visible rot can mean 10x the level of wear inside the visible joists. The existing structure was entirely too rotted through to safely build around.

So we started from scratch! After removing and recylcing the viable pieces of the rotten deck, we were able to build a brand new custom deck and fireplace. The goal for this new space was to have plenty of room to host family, friends, and neighbors for gatherings.

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Custom Deck and Fireplace Hosting

Is there a better space to host outdoor gatherings?

This two-story deck can host cookouts, tailgates, prom pictures, dinner parties, garden gatherings, and everything in between. If you’re considering remodeling your outdoor living space, be sure to start with downloading our design guide below!


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Wappenger Falls, NY


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