Cedar Deck Upgrade & 7 Day Deck Project

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Project Brief

Deck safety is our top priority

One of the most popular reasons homeowners choose Orange County Deck Company is because we put your safety first. No matter if you’re building or remodeling a deck, your goal is to enjoy the space. The last thing you want to you worry about is safety, maintenance, and what comes next. You focus on enjoying your space and creating new memories with loved ones. We focus on protecting tiny toes from splinters, designing safe rafters and handrails to keep even the most curious dogs enclosed, and plenty of bracing to keep your deck sturdy in any weather.

You trust us with your outdoor living space, and we take the trust very seriously. We begin every deck project with a full deck safety inspection and assessment. With this 7 Day Deck build, we knew very quickly that there were several safety concerns that needed to be addressed before we could begin building a cedar deck.

Safe, stylish, and everything in between

Our deck safety inspection and assessment made it very clear that this deck needed to be entirely removed and rebuilt. Rather than a simple resurfacing and bracing, we performed the recommended NADRA deck safety checklist. Once a new structure was safely constructed where the previous existed, we pressure treated the cedar wood for its stunning color.

The finishing touches included western red (knotty) cedar for a rich and wonderful organic look. We also added lattice to dress up this cedar deck and provided a discrete storage area. With ease of access, this storage area can be easily used in place of a shed for items such as shovels, rakes, bicycles, and more.

Want a more standard deck in less time?

Fewer decisions, more time to enjoy.

Our 7 Day Deck Program was designed for the busy family who is looking to upgrade their deck with a quicker turnaround. If the details of your outdoor living space are less important in comparison to the timing of when you get your deck finalized, then this program could be a perfect solution for you! Simply select from 3 materials that best fit your lifestyle, pick the material finish that best matches your home, and choose from curated sizes and heights based on historical data of our most popular projects. Start configuring today!


Build Your Deck in 7 Days with OCDeckCo

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