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Project Brief

It all began with a custom deck design…

What started as a casual conversation about designing and building a two-story deck quickly grew. Once we arrived onsite, the homeowner expressed all of their awesome plans for more than just a deck replacement. This family was looking for an outdoor living space that matched the way they lived their lives rather than having to live around their current space.

Turning a blueprint into a resort-style backyard

The plan began as most do – with a blueprint of what could be included.

While describing the kind of space the family ultimately wanted, it became clear that their dreams were larger than their currently plans. We quickly got to work outlining what the space could look like if it included a pool, harscaping, landscaping, two stories of hosting spaces, and lighting safety features.

The scope of work increased, but we wanted to ensure that the maintenance of upkeep once the space was built would not. Because of this, the homeowner opted for synthetic wood that requires little cleaning and management. This allowed for the backyard resort vibe to stay just as cozy and simple as a paid vacation escape.

Totally custom, even more stunning

At the end of the day, your home should work for you. Your outdoor living space should be a complement to the way you live your life – or want to live your life! Our goal is to help you understand just how much you can get out of your outdoor spaces when you share your dreams with us. This space turned into a stunning resort-style getaway perfect for anything from hosting gatherings to quarantining on your own.

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