Wrap-Around Deck at Remote Cabin

  • aerial view of brown custom wrap-around deck
  • side view of custom deck at remote cabin with solar panels
  • aerial far away view of remote cabin in the hudson valley
  • view of joists from underneath custom deck
  • slight view from above of remote a-frame cabin with custom deck and solar panels
  • beautiful side view of custom brown deck and secluded wooded backyard
  • front facade of a-frame cabin with custom wrap-around deck, solar panels, and massive windows
  • plunging a-frame cabin with wrap-around deck in hudson valley
  • brown custom azek deck in the hudson valley
  • aerial view of secluded cabin with solar panels and a custom deck surrounded by woods
  • close up of custom deck with brown azek decking material

Project Brief

Remote Residence with Spunk

Who doesn’t want a remote cabin that’s a bit more off the grid? Nestled in the beautiful Hudson Valley, this stunning home was in need of an outdoor living space refresh. What better way to support generations of growing families than a wrap-around deck overlooking the wetlands and natural beauty of the area!


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Solving for Safety and Sustainability

A large custom deck such as this one needs to do more than just look pretty. It needs to be built to last to ensure safety for decades to come. After all, this remote cabin was designed around enjoying all season – not hoping the deck will last another winter.

Based on the location of the wrap-around deck and the homeowner goals, it was imperative for our team to ensure safety in:

  • weather-proof decking material with Azek
  • structural support with zero rot

In every instance involving safety, it’s worth it to spend more upfront on a safe, sustainable deck than it is to wait for mistakes to be made and paid for later.


Another Happily Ever After

This beautiful custom deck is just another example of how the right design build remodeling company can change the way you live inside and outside your home. Rather than living around the flaws of your home, we hope you’ll find a guide who can help you uncover the potential of every inch of your home!

If you’re ready to explore a custom deck of your own, give us a call.

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Orange County NY


Design, Remodeling, Deck Build

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